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Apricot    Description Top of Page

FAMILY: Rosaceae
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Prunus armeniaca

Apricot is a drupe fruit. Apricots are members of rose family and closely related to peach, plum and cherry. Apricot is a orange - yellow, round fleshy fruit. It skin is smooth and velvetty. Apricot has orange sweet flesh.

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Apricots are rich in Betacarotene(Vitamin A).

Apricots are good source of Vitamin C.

Apricots are excellent source of pottasium and dietary fiber.

Apricot    Health Benefits Top of Page
Fiber in apricot can help to regulate bowel movement.

Apricot can help to regulate blood pressure.

Apricot    Varieties Top of Page
Patterson,Tilton,Blenheim and Castlebrite are some popular varieties.
Apricot    Botanical Facts Top of Page
Apricot trees grow to about 20 to 25 and spread to a width of 30 feet.

Apricot flowers are pinkish white with five regular sepals and petals.

Turkey, Russia, Spain, Italy are the leading producing nations.

Apricot    Select and Store Top of Page
Tree ripened apricots taste better. So always look for mature, rich orange - yellow and slightly soft fruit. Avoid too firm pale or greenish apricots.

Hold the apricots at room temperature until yields to slight pressure.After ripening use it immediately or refrigerate.

Apricot    Uses Top of Page
Tree ripened apricot taste good to eat it raw. You can use apricots in salads and to prepare juices and jam.

Dried apricots are very popular, convenient and nutrious too.

Apricot    Nutrition chart Top of Page

* Amount in 100 grams of edible portion

ENERGY (kilocalories) 48
WATER(grams) 86.35
FAT(grams) 0.39
PROTEIN(grams) 1.4
CARBOHYDRATES(grams) 11.12
FIBER(grams) 2
Fat Soluble:
Vitamin A (mcg-RAE) 96
Vitamin D -
Vitamin E (mg) 0.89
Vitamin K (mcg) 3.3
Water Soluble:
Vitamin C (mg) 10
Vitamin B
Riboflavin (mg) 0.04
Pyridoxine(B6) (mg) 0.054
Calcium 13
Iron 0.39
Magnesium 10
Phosphorus 23
Potassium 259
Sodium 1
Zinc 0.2
Copper 0.078
Manganese 0.077
Apricot    Web reference Top of Page
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