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FAMILY: Oxalidaceae
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Averrhoa carambola
COMMON NAME:Carambola, Star Fruit

Carambola is a three to four inches long, deeply ridged fruit with star shaped cross section. It has waxy yellow skin with translucent juicy,yellowish flesh.

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Carambolas are good source of dietary fiber.

It is high in Vitamin C and good source of Vitamin A.

Carambola    Health Benefits Top of Page
Carambola can help to reduce blood pressure and cholestrol.
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Arkin is the leading commercial variety.Fwang Tung,Golden Star, Maha, Sri Kembanqan (Kembangan) are some other varieties.
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Carambola tree is an evergreen tree,grows upto 20 to 30 feet.Carambola flowers are pink in color and have five petals and sepals. Taiwan,Malaysia,Guyana,India,Philipines,Australia are the major producers.
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Look for shiny,firm fruit. Ripe fruit is yellow to greenish yellow in color. Browning along the fins are normal.
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Ripe fruit is good to eat out of hand.It is also used for pickling,in salads and to make jam and jellys.
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* Amount in 100 grams of edible portion

ENERGY (kilocalories) 31
WATER(grams) 91.38
FAT(grams) 0.33
PROTEIN(grams) 1.04
FIBER(grams) 2.8
Fat Soluble:
Vitamin A (mcg-RAE) 3
Vitamin D -
Vitamin E (mg) 0.15
Vitamin K (mcg) -
Water Soluble:
Vitamin C (mg) 34.4
Vitamin B
Riboflavin (mg) 0.016
Pyridoxine(B6) (mg) 0.017
Calcium 3
Iron 0.08
Magnesium 10
Phosphorus 12
Potassium 133
Sodium 2
Zinc 0.12
Copper 0.137
Manganese 0.037
Carambola    Web reference Top of Page
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