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FAMILY: Annonaceae
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Annona cherimola
COMMON NAME: Cherimoya

Cherimoya is a compound fruit. It size can vary from 5 to 7 inches with conical or some what heart shape. It has a green skin and skin type varies depends on the variety. It has a small bumps, slightly indented or smooth skin with patterns. Flesh is creamy,white, soft, juicy,sweet and very fragrant with a custard like consistency.

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Cherimoyas are good source of dietary fiber and pottasium.

It is a good source of Vitamin C

Cherimoya    Health Benefits Top of Page
cherimoyas may help to reduce cholestrol and blood pressure.
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Many varieties of cherimoyas are there. Bays, Booth, Honeyhart and White are some common varieties.
Cherimoya    Botanical Facts Top of Page
The cherimoya is fairly dense, evergreen semi tropical tree. It grows upto 20 to 30 feet height.

Cherimoya trees take four or five years to produce their first fruit. Cherimoyas are propageted by seed or grafting.

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An cherimoya skin should be free of bruises and punctures and soft spots. To ripen cherimoyas store them at room temperature. Ripe fruits should be refrigerated and use it in two to three days.
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The flesh of the ripe cherimoya is most commonly eaten out of hand or scooped with a spoon. Cherimoyas are used in deserts, ice cream and milk shakes.
Cherimoya    Nutrition chart Top of Page

* Amount in 100 grams of edible portion

ENERGY (kilocalories) 74
WATER(grams) 79.39
FAT(grams) 0.62
PROTEIN(grams) 1.65
FIBER(grams) 2.3
Fat Soluble:
Vitamin A (mcg-RAE) -
Vitamin D -
Vitamin E (mg) -
Vitamin K (mcg) -
Water Soluble:
Vitamin C (mg) 11.5
Vitamin B
Riboflavin (mg) 0.119
Pyridoxine(B6) (mg) 0.212
Calcium 8
Iron 0.3
Magnesium 16
Phosphorus 26
Potassium 269
Sodium 4
Zinc 0.18
Copper 0.073
Manganese 0.083
Cherimoya    Web reference Top of Page
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